This is the unofficial walkthrough.

Start Edit

First you must enter your name, favorite colour and other information. (Tip: Don't bother making this long if you are speedrunning) After that you will start next to a tree in a forest, go right and dodge the few trees that may block your path. Keep going right until you see "TURTORIAL" which is a turtle-looking NPC. When the text pops up from the bottom of the screen, press z twice until there is a small menu at the bottom of the screen with; [ATTACK] [ITEM] [TALK] and [FLEE]. Press on Attack or Talk and then dodge the arrows you see after alot of pressing z. After pressing z three times, you will be put back where you were earlier. Keep going right until you encounter "DAVE" whom is a knight in blue armor. Press on [TALK] and you will be constantly gabbled at until he ends the conversation with "...Go find that thing".

Take the bottom-right path and keep going until you see a house with the word "SHOP" on it. Go through the door, select the grease and throw it in the fire. You can now get everything for free. Grab all the items and go outside (x to leave). Go upwards and you will find an enemy called "SHADOW NINJA". During the fight, press on [ITEM] and select the flashlight. Now, press on attack and the enemy will die straight away. Go further upwards and you will see a heart and a folder, talk to the heart and it will heal you. Now go left until you see a piece of corn, go past it. (Unless you want to waste your time) Go further left and then up when possible. There will be a hand. Fight it like you would any other enemy. Congratulations, you have won the game... For now.

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